Total Contamination

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In this game all players begin in human form but one of you is secretly an alien infection that has assumed the guise of one of the humans. During play, infected players may infect others. The uninfected humans struggle to expose and defeat the aliens. The aliens attempt to defeat and contaminate the humans. However if too many humans become contaminated, then the aliens will turn on each other.

Two human form players flee a monster form.

The game board represents a small, domed science station on an icy world, with a launch vehicle ready for lift off outside.

At the start of the game there is only one infected card in play. As play progresses more such cards accumulate and infected characters may end up infecting others by sharing to them. Each turn players choose one or two actions (move, combat or a task). The location on the board will make certain tasks available, such as using the bio analysis drone from the drone hub. Other players whose characters are nearby can help, hinder or watch. Cards are played to show how things turn out. When the dust settles the active player also gets to share cards with someone who helped or hindered.

If a player is forced to reveal an infection card in their hand face up, then their character changes from human form (blue) to monster form (red). Monster form can perform fewer tasks but can easily attack and infect others. The game ends when one of these conditions is met:

  • the AI is fully reprogrammed using uninfected cards, or with 2 or 3 infected cards giving an infection win
  • the launch vehicle lifts off. If any character on board is infected that becomes an infection win.
  • all players are in monster form, which produces an infection win.

If a human victory occurs, all uninfected humans win.

If an infection victory occurs only a limited number of infected players win, as the infection organisms are very competitive.

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